Introducing SpectData

Innovative. Analytical. Transparent.

Three words that serve as the backbone of our data consultancy firm.


SpectData exists because we want to challenge the status-quo of making informed decisions. We are committed to helping enterprises leverage data for maximum impact across multiple facets of your business.

Our specialists’ shared history includes working with companies to:

  • achieve a stronger CX through deep data analysis and predictive analytics
  • gain a deeper insight into audience behaviour for revitalised customer engagement and marketing opportunities
  • optimise organisational systems for a more streamlined workflow

Our team of experienced data consultants possesses the comprehensive skills, innovative mindsets and heartfelt passion for best-in-market data manipulation, storage, analysis and visualisation.

We’ll work closely with you to co-create a plan, identifying the most effective path for your journey towards transformational success.

SpectData: Our Clients, Our Achievements

SpectData’s comprehensive data-focused knowledge, training and skill-set empower us to forge successful relationships with clients across diverse industries.

Our consultants have worked with:

  • Insurance companies
  • Leading Australian medical device company
  • Leading Australian retailer
  • Online wagering companies
  • Healthcare companies
  • Global logistics company
  • Government agencies
  • Top Australian university
  • Researchers

Each of our clients has their own unique processes, goals, values and comfort zones. SpectData approaches each new project with a clean slate: we never simply apply one framework or fall back on a generic approach.

Our services are bespoke. Our passion is sincere. Our results are exceptional.

We have also demonstrated competencies as a Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Partner plus Silver competencies in DevOps and Cloud Platform.

Our Data Rock Stars

Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim is SpectData’s founding data scientist. With more than 10 years of industry experience to his name, he has expertise in the following areas:

- Implementing predictive models constructed to work in tandem, presenting customers with a holistic view of the future, covering churn, lifetime value and preferred channels
- Performing data analysis
- Using structured data
- Using unstructured data

Joshua is currently pursuing a PhD in Natural Language Processing and completed a Data Mining Graduate Certificate from the prestigious Stanford University. He also authors a blog on natural language processing and data science techniques at
Jesslyn Tan
Jesslyn Tan boasts invaluable experience in business intelligence, specializing in story telling through visualisation. She holds a graduate certificate in Data Science from Harvard Extension School. She is driven to undertake comprehensive data analysis using the most cutting-edge resources and tools, identifying patterns that impact customer behaviour and generating actionable insights to drive value across organisation.
Marriane Makahiya
SpectData’s data scientist plays a key role in the company’s services. Marriane has two years of experience in data analysis and predictive model implementation, using R. Marianne has completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics specialising in Operations Research. This has equipped her with the right skills to deliver top results for customers in across industries.

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