Introducing SpectData’s Portfolio of Services

SpectData’s dedicated team treats each project with the utmost consideration, aiming for industry-leading results for every single client.

What services do we provide?

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence

Our niche experience and training allow us to analyse your unstructured text data. For example, through identifying themes present in customer notes and emails.

This equips you with the information to develop a deeper insight into your audience and retain existing clients, while improving your ability to attract new ones.

Focusing on good communication is essential to fostering strong relationships with your customer-base. And SpectData is here to help you do just that, drawing on your own text-based interactions and innovative automation for the answers you need.

How? We can deploy models that:

  • Analyse the sentiment of the text communication sent by your customers
  • Identify topics of interest within the text communication received
  • Automatic classification of text into various buckets of topics

Beyond customer-centric solutions, we have also delivered solutions that are aimed at improving operations efficiency in the insurance domain, such as a claims automation project.

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation takes information gathered from a variety of sources and translates it into a visual form, such as diagrams and charts.

This is designed to convey data in an easily-digestible format, empowering you with the visual material you need to identify patterns, gaps in service and more.

We leverage cutting-edge tools and software for maximum satisfaction, equipping your business or organisation with actionable data presented to the highest standard of quality.

SpectData’s data visualisation service is the ideal solution to condense critical information into diverse formats, from academic publication figures in R and Python to commercial dashboards in Tableau.

Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics

SpectData can help you transform raw data into powerful insights by applying robust statistical techniques. This information may be accumulated from across multiple sources.

But we offer more than insights.

SpectData’s grasp of predictive analytics enables us to deliver the following solutions:

  • Predict customer behaviours that have a practical, ongoing impact on your business, such as customer lifetime value, propensity to churn and more
  • Perform customer segmentation, analysing top customers, new customers and clusters of varied demographics
  • Customer journey design and optimisation, to maximise the customer experience (CX)
  • Pinpointing associations between customer behaviour, such as market-basket analysis
  • Optimise promotional spending through marketing mix modelling

Data Management and Storage

Managing and storing data is a daunting prospect for countless businesses, but SpectData is here to help simplify it.

Our data management and storage services involve:

  • Setting up database servers for storage of transactional data (ready for analysis)
  • Setting up cloud instances on a pay-as-you-go solution