SpectData’s Tools, Methodologies and Technologies


We’re committed to simplicity, efficiency and transparency in every aspect of our project management.

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients to achieve the results you expect.

How do we do this?

SpectData creates a visual timeline for every project, affording you a view of the schedule, progress and dependencies — all in real-time, courtesy of an intuitive online platform.

In our code versioning, our experts incorporate online repositories such as Github and Bitbucket. The benefit to you? Each version of the code can be archived, and informative documentation is created for reference at any time.


Our consultancy comprises four key stages:

  • Discovery
  • Prototype
  • Production
  • Monitor


SpectData’s consultants study each client’s context to identify expectations and potential business value.

This phase of our consultancy provides us with a clear insight into your data’s source and state. Business goals, constraints and other critical factors become visible during this process too.

All of this information is vital to establish a reliable model capable of delivering the results you expect.


This second stage revolves around conducting exploratory research to ascertain whether advanced analytics is a viable way to improve the current business processes.

Our specialists work with you to define a representative sample of the data suitable to serve as a proof-of-concept. SpectData develops a set of success metrics to show the potential impact our services can make overall.


Our production phase sees our team create models with repeatable results which demand no manual interventions. The model’s results can be reviewed automatically in target systems, delivered promptly.


Finally, this stage focuses on building processes which allow us to observe and report on the model’s run times, performance and financial benefits.


Open-source development equips you with the resources to focus on functionality over heavy investment in software licensing fees. This reduces the risk of becoming dependent on expensive proprietary products.

Our industrial experience in the Data Science industry complements our backgrounds in research in the Artificial industry. Both help SpectData stay up to date on the most cutting-edge trends across most open-source software (Python, R and more).

We have utilised SQL, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Service, MySQL and other database applications for effective data manipulation.

Off-the-shelf AI solutions (such as Google Cloud AI, Microsoft Azure and IBM Watson) have proven to be an effective option in certain situations, such as extracting text transcripts from video conversations.

Considerable time and effort have been invested in achieving best-in-market accuracy for standardised tasks of this ilk. Costs and accuracy (two key factors) can be aided by off-the-shelf options, rather than building one from scratch.

Robust data and security policies are essential elements to consider when implementing off-the-shelf solutions, and we are dedicated to protecting your data for your peace of mind.