Helping small businesses – Google CallJoy

A weekly review of news that discusses using Google CallJoy that helps small businesses get on their feet

3 Jun 2019

This week we are going to see how CallJoy helps to keep track of phone calls for small businesses.

On an average small businesses receive 13 phone calls per day and there are about 30.2 million small businesses in the US. Google’s new addition CallJoy is a cloud-based phone agent that enables small business owners to measure, improve and automate their customer service. Each call can be recorded and transcribed for improving the quality of products/services. This product can easily handle high call volumes without loss of customers thus increasing customer satisfaction.

With CallJoy, the small scale businesses have additional services that have been mostly available for larger corporations.

Get CallJoy, complete setup and get a local phone number. Once this setup is complete, CallJoy starts attending calls.

It avoids designated spam numbers, greets potential customers with appropriate messages and can give basic information like working hours.

After customer interactions, CallJoy directly texts a URL that can help customers to logon to the businesses and place orders. CallJoy also keeps track of new calls and returning callers to send a weekly consolidation of call data and their metrics.

A high call volume poses a challenge for all business owners as they will be busy working or providing their services. CallJoy ensures that these calls are smoothly handled by its virtual assistant and decreases customer dissatisfaction. This can create returning callers and good customer retention.

CallJoy facilitates better customer service and helps the business owners to make informed decisions about their services and products for a flat monthly fee of $39 only.

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